July 3, 2022

Polymega Arriving Spring 2019

If you loved playing video games when you were growing up, you’re going to love Polymega™. Starting today, visit Polymega.com and configure your Polymega™ Modular Game Console. It’s the ultimate retro game console, perfect for your living room. Shipping Spring 2019.

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Polymega™ is a new, modern way to play all your classic video games. With it you can play thousands of games for classic video game systems using a unique modular design.


Polymega™ is the first console of its kind to support both game cartridges and CD Games. CD-based game systems like PlayStation® and Saturn can be played on the base unit, while cartridge games from systems like NES, SNES, and Genesis can be played using Element Modules. (Which are sold separately).


Each module supports one or more classic games consoles and has a cartridge slot for your old school games like Zelda and Street Fighter for example, low-latency controller ports, and an included retro-style controller. Modules also have 5 built-in games ready to play, so you can build your collection and start playing from day one, even if you don’t own any game cartridges.


Install your physical games on to your Polymega™ Base Unit so you can play without inserting the cartridge or disc each time, or download games directly from the online store. It’s like a media center for your games, with all the features you’d expect from a modern console.

Polymega has something for everyone, and you’re invited to reserve your Polymega™ today. Shipping Spring 2019.

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