May 27, 2022

Polish Schools Adds This War of Mine as Official Reading Material

A massive congratulations to Grzegorz Miechowski and the rest of 11 bit studios for achieving the unthinkable; getting This War of Mine to be recognised and listed as official school reading across Poland!

11 bit Studios’ This War of Mine has joined the official reading list across Polish schools.

This monumental achievement for the game follows a campaign that launched last year.

Grzegorz Miechowski, CEO of 11 bit Studios, took to Twitter to say:

“Games are a work of culture. Modern ones, natural and attractive for the young generation. Games speak a language instinctively understandable by them – the language of interaction. Using this language, games can talk about everything – emotions, truth, the fight between good and evil, humanity, suffering. They are similar to literature in that regard – however, they use the aforementioned language of interaction.

Of course, games are already being used in education for teaching maths, chemistry, and developing cognitive abilities, but I don’t think we’ve ever encountered a game being officially included in the educational system on a national level as a school reading. I’m proud to say 11 bit studios’ work can add to the development of education and culture in our country. this can be a breakthrough moment for all artists creating games all around the world”.

Whilst this is a landmark achievement for 11 bit Studios (and games in general), there is one slight problem; due to This War of Mine‘s age-rating, only pupils over the age of 18 will receive a copy.

This War of Mine tasks players with looking after a group of civilians during a horrific war. These civilians need to work together to survive the inherent horrors that war brings. As I’m sure no-one needs to be told, Poland (and surrounding countries) has had an unfortunate history with war.

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