June 30, 2022

PokéStop Nomination Beta coming to Pokémon GO

What’s the one thing rural Pokémon GO players have been asking for since the inception of the game?  The ability to add PokéStops.

If you live in a city with plenty of spawns and PokéStops, playing the game is a breeze for you.  After all you just have to walk down the street to refill your PokéBalls.  That’s not the case when you live in a rural location and the nearest PokéStop or Gym is more than a mile away.

Rural players, have no fear, Niantic has heard your cries and has announced the development of a PokéStop nomination system.  As always with games it’s imperative to ensure that everything works properly.  Initially the option will be limited to Brazil and South Korea.  You also have to be a level 40 trainer.

So how will it work?

Eligible trainers will nominate a location for a future PokéStop by sending a photo and description of the location.   Submissions will then be reviewed and if accepted added to the game.

For full details check out www.pokemongolive.com.

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