Pokemon Sword & Shield: Watts Explained

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Watts Explained

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now on Nintendo Switch, marking the start of the series’ eighth generation.

While the games very much follow in the footsteps of previous Pokemon titles, they also shake the formula up in some notable ways, introducing a slew of new features and items to the mix.

Among the new additions are Watts. As you explore the Wild Area, you’ll notice Max Raid dens scattered about the environment, and interacting with these will net you a number of Watts.

So what exactly are Watts, and what are they used for?

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What Are Watts?

Essentially, Watts are a secondary form of in-game currency in Sword and Shield. You’ll primarily earn them from Max Raid dens.

If a den is glowing, but isn’t currently hosting a Max Raid Battle you’ll receive 50 Watts simply by interacting with it (this number will increase to 200 after you’ve cleared the main storyline).

If a Max Raid Battle is occuring at the den, then you’ll receive 300 Watts (or 2,000 post-game) before participating in the battle.

Watts can also be earned by battling or catching wild Pokemon that are surrounded by a glowing aura.

As you progress through the game, you can exchange Watts for items and services from certain NPCs around the Wild Area.

For example, the Digging Duo near the Pokemon nursery in Bridge Field will excavate items for you for 500 Watts, and the items they can potentially dig up include evolutionary stones and other rare finds.

You can also use Watts to upgrade your bike, extending how long you can dash with it, or purchase Technical Records–single-use teachable moves–from different Watt Traders around the Wild Area.

These characters are dressed in League clothes, so they’ll be easy to spot while you’re out in the field.

Check out the list of the different characters in Sword and Shield who accept Watts and the services they provide, to help you keep track of where they’re located and what services they provide and items they sell.

Where can You Spend Your Watts?

FisherwomanRoaming around lakesSell various Pearls for 100 W
Watt TraderMeetup SpotSells Poke Balls, TRs, and Wishing Pieces
Watt TraderDappled GroveSells Poke Balls, TRs, and Wishing Pieces
Watt TraderEast Lake AxewellSells Poke Balls, TRs, and Wishing Pieces
Digging DuoBridge FieldDig up evolutionary stones, fossilized items, and more for 500 W
Watt TraderHammerlocke HillsSells Poke Balls, TRs, and Wishing Pieces
Watt TraderGiant’s CapSells Poke Balls, TRs, and Wishing Pieces
Watt TraderGiant’s SeatSells Poke Balls, TRs, and Wishing Pieces

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