July 3, 2022

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Coming November 15th and Features Giant Pokemon and Raids

Nintendo provided plenty of information on Pokemon Sword and Shield today, along with a confirmed release date of November 15th.

Pokemon Sword and Shield includes a new feature called Dynamax. This allows Pokemon to turn into a giant form.

Certain locations will make the Pokemon become giants due to a phenomenon called Dynamaxing.

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The Dynamax feature turns them massive in size, and the moves they know turn into more powerful ones.

Dynamax can be used once in battle and the Pokemon will return to normal after three turns. Only Trainers who possess a Dynamax Band can Dynamax their Pokemon.

All the moves of a Dynamax Pokemon will turn into special Max Moves. Max Moves are powerful, and some can even trigger additional effects.

For example, the Normal-type Max Move, Max Strike, has the additional effect of lowering the Speed stat of an opponent it hits.

The Max Moves the player’s Pokemon can use are determined by the kind and types of moves they knew before Dynamaxing.

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Max Raid Battles

Another new feature will allow allow you to participate in Max Raid Battles with other players in local wireless and through Switch Online.

This multiplayer feature allows you and up to three others to fight one max-sized Pokemon.

If victorious in the Max Raid, you have a chance to catch the Pokemon.

Some Pokemon can only also be caught in Max Raid Battles and the type will depend upon the landscape and weather.

The wild area in the Galar region will be the best place to find Pokemon. The weather and landscape will also play a part in which Pokemon will appear.

New Pokemon in the Galar Region

There will be “lots of Pokemon” to discover in the Galar region.

Here’s a few announced during today’s Nintendo Direct:

  • Wooloo is a sheep Pokemon
  • Gossifleur is a flower
  • Dreadnaw looks like a snapping turtle
  • Corviknight looks bit like a raven

Evolving Pokemon is an essential part of the games, and Eldegoss was used as an example. The Pokemon is the evolved form of Gossifleur.

Gym Stadiums feature Pokemon battles for entertainment purposes. Your rivals are NPC characters, two of which are Leon and his brother Hop. You will also encounter gym leaders, one is named Milo and he’s a Grass-type specialist.

New Professors

Other characters are Professor Magnolia and Sonya, her granddaughter and assistant. They are researching Dynamax Pokemon.

Finally, the Legendary Pokemon of the Galar region, Zamazenta (Shield) and Zacian (Sword), were shown. Ninetndo didn’t provide information on the role the Pokemon play in the story.

Pokemon Sword and Shield releases on Switch November 15. Starting today, you can pre-order a special double pack.

Sourced from: https://www.vg247.com/

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