May 28, 2022

Pokémon Rumble Rush to Shut Down in July

Despite the success that Pokémon games have found on mobile devices (looking at you here, Pokémon GO), some aren’t as lucky. Pokémon Rumble Rush will close down forever later this year.

Serebii has confirmed that Pokémon Rumble Rush will be shut down 22nd July 2020.

The mobile game launched 22nd May 2019 – a mere 14 months ago.

The fifth entry into the Pokémon Rumble games, Rumble Rush features minimalist versions of Pokémon battling in linear dungeons. The game hasn’t exactly set the community on fire, but it is an enjoyable way to kill half an hour or so.

However, from 22nd July, players will no longer be able to download, update, or even play the game. Furthermore, PokéDiamonds (Rumble Rush‘s in-app premium currency) are no longer available for purchase. Any player-owned diamonds will need to be spent before the shutdown date.

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Despite coming to a close, Rumble Rush will see a last hurrah of content added, including new in-game events and modes being playable.

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