Pokémon Masters to Include Professor Oak as Playable Trainer

Pokémon Masters to Include Professor Oak as Playable Trainer

The somewhat popular Pokémon Masters mobile game has gone from strength to strength since its launch. Shortly after its launch, Pokémon Masters went on to become the second-best performing Pokémon mobile game.

The game’s most recent update includes a character from the Pokémon-verse that we’ve never (legitimately) seen battle before. As the title of this story might tell you, none other than legendary Pokémon Professor (and omniscient bike hater) [First Name Redacted] Oak will become part of the player’s team.

Taking to the game after an update ~14th February, Professor Oak is available once the player has completed his special Sync Pair story missions. Once he’s been collected, you can add him and his partner Pokémon (a Mew, of all things) to your team.

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Pokémon Masters players have until 15th March to unlock Professor Oak and Mew. Pokémon Masters is available from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Do note that, like most free-to-play mobile games, Masters contains in-app purchases.

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