July 3, 2022

Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu!

With the recent resurgence in games being remade and revamped we have another here from my childhood and man I’m getting that nostalgic buzz run through my veins again. Who didn’t own a Gameboy at the time when Pokemon came on the scenes. Pokemon, red, green, blue and yellow were huge hit’s and still remain hugely popular among the gaming community around the world to date. With the release of Pokemon Go on mobile devices we’ve seen a resurgence in Gameboys and these titles once again. Below is a YouTube video from E3 showcasing what’s to come in this remake/restyling of the original classic that proved hugely popular across the Nintendo franchise all them years ago and even to this day.

We all remember the iconic soundtrack that came on in the loading screen and you will instantly recognise it anywhere in the world if you hear it as the theme to Pokemon on the Gameboy.

Now we all remember having three choices in the original trio of red, green and blue, being able to start your adventure in Professor Oak’s Laboratory in Pallet Town and having the choice of 1 of 3 Pokemon to begin your journey to becoming a Pokemon master. Now from what I’ve seen, this game is going to draw back fans of old and draw in new fans to the series too. There’s a mixture of what made Pokemon on the Gameboy so appealing and also from Pokemon go. You can see a great deal in this clip so lets not hang this out any longer. Go ahead and give it a watch. GOTTA CATCH EM’ ALL.

Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Pokemon Lets Go Eevee are due for release on November 16 this year on the Nintendo Switch.

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