POKEMON GO – Two community day events in August.

POKEMON GO – Two community day events in August.

For all you Pokemon Go fans out there this month will host not one but two community day events.

On the 11th and 12th of August, Eevee will spawn at a higher rate and will be able to learn a move not previously available to it –  LAST RESORT. Over the 2 days, each event will last 3 hours each and every Eevee you catch will know this new, special move. In addition to the increased spawning of Eevees, players will have the opportunity to catch a rare shiny Eevee.

And that’s not all. The Pokemon Company has said that from when the event beings on the Saturday and ends on the Sunday, any Eevee to evolve during this time will also learn LAST RESORT. So make sure to use the time over these events to ensure Eevees various forms also learn the move.

As an added bonus for every Eevee you capture, you will receive TRIPLE the amount of stardust you would normally acquire. Lures will also have a duration of 3 HOURS instead of the normal half an hour.

Below is a breakdown of the event times in your region. For more details go to the Pokemon website here.



11 AM – 2 PM PT

2 PM – 5 PM ET



11 AM – 2 PM BST

10 AM – 1 PM UTC



6 PM – 9 PM JST


source – gamespot.com


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