Pokémon GO Sees Even Further “Stay at Home” Based Updates

Pokémon GO Sees Even Further “Stay at Home” Based Updates

Playing a game designed to get you out of the house is difficult when the country is on lockdown. Still, Niantic and Pokémon GO has made a few more changes to ensure players get the best experience possible.

A new bundle offering 100 Pokéballs is available to purchase from the game’s store for one (1) PokéCoin. Which, in case you hadn’t checked for a while, is a massive discount on the regular 460 Pokécoins.

This bundle is also matched by a one (1) Pokécoin Incense bundle giving players 30 Incense to use. The game usually only sells single Incense (for 40 Pokécoins) or in packs of eight (8) for 250 coins.

These improvements have come as the world is being told to stay indoors in an attempt to halt the spread of COVID-19. Normally, players could gain Pokéballs and Incense (among other items) by visiting Pokéstops and Gyms. Naturally, most people would have to actually venture outside to do this, though.

The Pokéball and Incense bundles are available until 30th March. After that, they will be replaced by a new one Pokécoin bundle offer. This will then be rolled out for another bundle on a weekly basis until further notice.

On top of that, all Stardust and XP acquired from your first Pokémon catch of the day will be tripled. This will, of course, only apply to the first Pokémon you catch in any 24 hour time period, resetting at 12 midnight.

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