June 25, 2022

Pokémon Go Causes Trouble for Players

Whilst it may have recently celebrated its 3rd birthday, it seems Pokémon Go is as popular as ever.

During a busy summer, Pokémon Go had its fourth-highest earning month since launch. Thanks, in no doubt, to the ongoing themed-events and the arrival of Shiny Rayquaza.

As August ended, Pokémon Go grossed a reported $110 million! That is the game’s best performing month since September 2016.

However, fans are unamused by Niantic’s recent actions.

Shiny Pokémon Problems

Many players are reporting that, following the conclusion of an event, the occurrence of Shiny Pokémon drops considerably. Sometimes to the point that they disappear altogether.

Shiny versions of Barboach and Carvanha – both available as of the recent Water event – have gone. Ditto with Poliwag, whose Shiny form was released the week before.

Image courtesy Eurogamer

Even more aggravating for players, the Legendary Gen-2 Pokémon – Entei, Raikou, and Suicune – were all supposed to receive Shiny variants recently. However, as reported by players on Reddit, only Shiny Raikou had been found for the first 16 hours.

Money For Nothing

The problem escalates from merely being unable to find creatures to players investing a lot of money to basically be screwed over by Niantic.

Players can take part in raids which can yield increased odds of finding more elusive Pokémon. To take part in a raid, players need raid passes, with the better ones costing premium in-game currency. Which, of course, can be purchased using real-world money.

Players forked over their own money, only to find out that Shiny Entei and Suicune were not available despite being advertised.

The occurrence of this happening is so often, that fans have made a list with dozens of species being affected in 2019 alone. Fans take to the Reddit page The Silph Road to try and resolve these issues. As soon as the problem has gained traction, reports of the lost species begin to enter within a few hours.

For a game that routinely makes so much money, Pokémon Go’s developers are not treating fans with the respect they should be. Fans are doing Niantic’s work for them at times, and it is a constant theme.

In fact, fans have even started their own Discord to continually report the presence of Shiny Pokémon and to check if any have been switched off.

A (Small) Resolution

Thanks to the backlash (and Eurogamer’s questioning), Niantic has stated they will offer compensation to players.

No specific mention of what those problems were have been mentioned. However, they did offer two free Raid Passes per day between the hours of 9 pm 7th September until 9 pm 8th September. It doesn’t seem a lot, and it remains to be seen if things improve.

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