Pokémon Go 2019 Hallowe’en Event Brings Costumed Critters

Pokémon Go 2019 Hallowe’en Event Brings Costumed Critters

The most wonderful time of year has reached Pokémon Go. That’s right, Pokémon Go continue their tradition of celebrating Hallowe’en with in-game events galore. In the past few years, we’ve seen spooky-filled events that made full use of the franchise’s ghost-types.

We’ve had Spiritomb come about as part of last year’s seasonal event. The game’s first major event was actually 2016’s Hallowe’en event. And that’s not to mention all the spooky-costumed Pikachu that has crept into the game during the season.

However, this year’s event will see more than just Pikachu getting in on the spirit of the season. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are all dressed to impress this year alongside the franchise’s mascot.

Trick or Treat

To celebrate the season; Bulbasaur is dressed as Shedinja, Squirtle as Yamask, Pikachu as Mimikyu, and Charmander as Cubone. Truly terrifying stuff. You’ll be able to find the three starter Pokémon in raids whilst Pikachu can be caught in the wild. There’s even a chance to encounter Shiny variants!

This year’s event will also see additional Pokémon available through raids, Eggs, and in the wild. Included in this line-up of seasonally appropriate Pokémons will be Gastly, Murkrow, and, making their Pokémon Go debut, Yamask and Cofagrigus. But they won’t be the only Pokémon making his Go debut.

Special five-star raids will feature the Pitch-Black Pokémon, Darkrai, a powerful Ghost-type.

Added to all of this, there are more Shadow Pokémon to rescue from Team Go Rocket, new avatar items are available, and a special series of Field Research will be available.

Check out the Pokémon Go blog for more information on the Hallowe’en event. If you’re still an active Pokémon Go player, you should be able to take part in the event by the time this article goes live.

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