Point & click ‘Dude, Where Is My Beer?” wins qualifier to represent Norway at NGDC Grand Finals.

Point & click ‘Dude, Where Is My Beer?” wins qualifier to represent Norway at NGDC Grand Finals.

Rather unique point and click ‘Dude, Where Is My Beer?’ recently went toe to toe with other game finalists at the Nordic Game Discovery Contest’s second fifth season qualifier – and won. The upshot is the little indie game is now going to contend at the Nordic Game Discovery Contest’s Finals in November this year. Nordic Game is an organisation that works to promote game development within Nordic countries.

“Dude, Where Is My Beer?” is a lovingly illustrated point-and-click adventure game about finding a good pilsner within the world of craft beer and hipster enthusiasts. Imagine, if you will, trying to find a simple clean lager in a Brew Dog bar. It ain’t easy. The game started as a hobby project for developer Arik Zurabian before becoming a full game with the help of Costa Rican graphic novel writer Edo Brenes.

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The winner of the contest will give the winner lots of exposure as well as industry investment and prizes! To be honest, this has piqued our interest in the game, which is available on Steam now. Check out the trailer below.

Are you like us, looking for a simple beer? Or are you a hipster who only drinks overpriced beer with bizarre names? Instagram us below.

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