PlayStation’s “Project Spartacus” to be Unveiled This Week?

PlayStation’s “Project Spartacus” to be Unveiled This Week?

PlayStation’s rumoured rival to Xbox’s Game Pass could debut this week, according to Jason Schreier.

Schreier notes that “Project Spartacus” will debut “with a splashy lineup of hit games from recent years”.

The source of Schreier’s news comes from people involved in the project who “requested anonymity because the plans are private”.

Back in December, Schreier noted how Spartacus was launching with three tiers available.

The plan was to consolidate PS+ and PlayStation Now into the programme, complete with additional features at higher-end tiers.

Currently, this is as much information as we have to go off when it comes to Spartacus’ launch.

Previous reports on Spartacus noted how the tier-system would be set up;

“…The first tier includes the pre-existing PlayStation Plus benefits. A secondary tier offers a large catalogue of PS4 titles. This will increase to include PS5 titles as more are available. Meanwhile, the third tier would contain a library of classic PlayStation 1, 2, 3, and PSP games”.

Again, none of this is official yet. However, we will be keeping a close eye on Sony over the next few days.

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