July 3, 2022

PlayStation Plus January Games Announced

On Wednesday January 1st 2020 Adam Michel (Senior Manager of Game Services Content for Sony Interactive Entertainment) revealed the monthly free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers coming in the month of January. They are as follows:

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

The Uncharted collection is an essential for most players’ collections. Especially for anyone who may not have gotten around to playing them on the PlayStation 3, remastered in all its glory on PS4. Follow Nathan Drake in a 3rd person action adventure game with fantastic set pieces, accompanied by great motion capture. A must have for die hard PlayStation fans.

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Goat Simulator

A game that could be considered hit or miss for some, in Goat Simulator, players emulate life as a goat in all its goatyness. Have fun in highly physics-oriented sandbox areas, run jump and lick things until you’re hearts content. Goat Simulator is a hilariously fun time killer worth the free price of admission

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And if you’re an X-Box player checkout the games with gold this month,

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