PlayStation Plus Games for December

PlayStation Plus Games for December

The free games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to in December have just been announced. As is a regular occurrence, titles are included for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, with the main offerings being for the PS4. These offers will be available December 4th – January 1st.

SOMA is a sci-fi horror game from Fictional Games, who you may be familiar with from Amnesia, The Dark Descent. This title has strong themes regarding identity, consciousness and what it means to be human. While stranded in the underwater facility of PATHOS-II you will have to keep your wits about you in order to survive the dangers that lurk around every corner: corrupted humans, twisted creatures, insane robots and even an inscrutable omnipresent A.I. There’s no fighting, be smart or run.

Onrush is the vanguard of action-packed, gravity defying, arcade racing. This is not a game about being first over the finish line, but a game about racing on the edge of control, executing incredible take-downs, and doing so with style and flair.



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Remember to check out the free PlayStation Plus game of November while they’re available. The main offerings include Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition and Yakuza Kiwami. 

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