Playstation Plus February 2019 Offerings

Playstation Plus February 2019 Offerings

Sony has detailed their offerings for Playstation Plus members in the month of February 2019. Starting from 5th February, Playstation 4 users will be receiving For Honor and Hitman: The Complete First Season as their free titles. Playstation 3 will be getting Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots and the indie fighting game Dive Kick. While Vita owners will be receiving Rogue Aces and Gunhouse for free.

This month is also going to show those important changes going forward for the service. First, PS4 owners will be receiving a big boost on their cloud storage, increasing the limit from 10GB to 100GB of data per user.

Second, February will mark the end of Sony giving out legacy based content in the PS Plus package. Playstation 3 and Vita will not be available to have monthly free games and add-ons, after an 8 year stint of support from the company to support the platforms.

Gameplay from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

The titles mentioned above will be available on the Playstation Store until 8th March. Sony has also confirmed that any Playstation 3 and Vita games that were purchased in the PS Plus membership, will always be available to download and play as you own the license to it. So, there’s no need to worry about losing that ability to play your favourite acquired over the years, as long as your consoles still work.

January’s games including Steep, Zone Of The Enders: HD Collection and Amplitude are still available for the next few days on the Playstation store, if you haven’t picked them up yet and wish to do so.

Source: Polygon

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