Playstation Owners Can Finally Change Their Playstation ID

Playstation Owners Can Finally Change Their Playstation ID

After more than a decade of waiting, Playstation users can finally change their online ID! As of April 10th, users in America can change their name. The service will roll out to EU users tomorrow, April 11th. While the service will be welcomed, Sony have cautioned that there are some games that may not support the feature.

In some instances, they have found that the game will continue to display the users original name. this can be resolved by signing out and back in, though that fix is not absolute. The process is straightforward, requiring you go to “Account Management” on your PS4 or to “My Account” on the PSN website. However, the change is limited to PS4 and there are a small number of games where there are minor and are critical issues.

On games such as Little Big Planet 3 or Worms Battlegrounds, users may “lose in-game currency whether paid or earned,” ‘lose in-game progress’ or ‘lose user-generated content, both online and offline’. Prior to changing your name, it is best to cross reference the list of games that Sony have published here.

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