June 30, 2022

PlayStation Exclusive ‘Omen of Sorrow’ Is Coming This Year

Dutch studio, SOEDESCO is thrilled to announce that it has teamed up with Chilean game developer AOne Games to publish the retail version of epic four-button fighting game ‘Omen of Sorrow’. SOEDESCO is taking the PlayStation®4 exclusive game to stores in the second half of 2018.

Omen of Sorrow features 12 perfectly designed legendary creatures inspired by gloomy European myths, such as a vampire, succubus and werewolf. The game offers stunning Unreal Engine 4-powered graphics. The battle system of Omen of Sorrow revolves strongly around player skill, ensuring a captivating experience for veterans and newcomers alike.


  • Revel in perfect design inspired by age-old European myths and legends
  • Choose among 12 iconic dark characters, each with unique abilities
  • Engage in epic boss fights in a superb single player mode
  • Enjoy a flawless online and local multiplayer experience
  • Feast your eyes on outstanding Unreal Engine 4 powered graphics

Omen of Sorrow was created by a team of fighting game enthusiasts, aiming to combine the best elements of the classics into the ultimate fighting game experience. Besides online combat, Omen of Sorrow also offers players an elaborate single player mode with epic boss fights, and a local multiplayer mode to compete against friends.

Omen Of Sorrow is due for release during Q3 2018 and exclusive to PlayStation 4

For more information on Omen Of Sorrow go to http://www.aonegames.com

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