PlayStation Apparently Working on Game Pass-Style Service

PlayStation Apparently Working on Game Pass-Style Service

A new report from Bloomberg suggests Sony is looking to create a new subscription service.

The move would, obviously, be a bid to directly compete against Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

Sony’s “Spartacus” [code-name right now] will reportedly allow PlayStation owners to pay a monthly fee to access a catalogue of modern and classic games.

The service will merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one package.

For players to access (most) online/multiplayer games, they must use PlayStation Plus. However, it does offer free games. Meanwhile, PlayStation Now allows users to stream and/or download older PlayStation console titles.

Bloomberg notes how Sony plans to keep the PlayStation Plus branding whilst phasing out the PlayStation Now side of the respective programmes.

Spartacus, meanwhile, offers up three tiers. The first tier includes the pre-existing PlayStation Plus benefits. A secondary tier offers a large catalogue of PS4 titles. This will increase to include PS5 titles as more are available. Meanwhile, the third tier would contain a library of classic PlayStation 1, 2, 3, and PSP games.

None of this has, officially, been announced by any parties directly associated with Sony yet. As such, we are merely going off what Bloomberg has reported on. As such, we will have more news on this story as and when it is available.

Spartacus is expected to launch in the spring.

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