June 25, 2022

PlayStation 5 Patent Photos Obtained

PlayStation 5 Patent photos rendered

This past Sunday, August 25th LetsGoDigital reported possession of multiple patent photos of what could be the upcoming PlayStation 5. Initially, the publication was only able to obtain a single image by August 20th, but it sparked speculation nonetheless.

Sony LetsGoDigital

After the acquisition of the other images, “LetsGoDigital has decided to design a series of product renders based on the patent sketches we unveiled earlier this week, to get a better picture of the patented product.”

The following photos are of those renders.

Despite the slick and sleek design, some costumers are not impressed. Rest assured, however, as the renderings presented are likely for Development Kits and will probably differ greatly from the final product.

After the first patent photo, Matthew Stott Senior Artist for Codemasters, stated on twitter “its a dev kit we have some in the office”. Both the tweet and it’s account have been deleted.

It may be coincidental that the Roman Numeral for 5 is V, maybe not. Regardless, personal speculation is that AMD’s eight-core Ryzen 3 processor runs hot, and needs the extra ventilation.

Soon we will learn more about the PlayStation 5, but for now speculation is all we have. The price, release date, and final aesthetics are all still unknown. But we DO have a few rendered patents!

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