May 27, 2022

PlayStation 5 Outsells Wii U’s Total Sales in a Year

The PlayStation 5 has outsold the Wii U’s lifetime sales, topping 13.58 million units sold globally, but Switch sales tell another story…


The latest edition to the Sony console fleet, the PlayStation 5 has had an incredible start. In just one year, the Wing-flapped machine has outsold Nintendo’s Wii U entire lifetime sales. This is according to figures published by the manufacturer.

The PlayStation 5 has now sold 13.58 million units globally up to the end of October 2021. This in contrast with the Wii U’s total lifetime sales of 13.56. As of the end of November, the PS5 total topped 14.5 million. Not that any ones counting, but I think we have a winner.

Taking a slightly closer look at the numbers, the PS5 hasn’t yet outsold Nintendo’s last gen console in the US. There the Wii U sold 5.7 million in its lifetime, vs the PlayStation 5’s 5.13 million. But of course, only one of those numbers is likely to increase. We’d estimate that US will join the rest of the world by the end of the year.

In Europe the PS5 has sold 5.56 million units, which is well ahead of the Wii U’s meagre 3.24 million lifetime sales. Unsurprisingly, its not quite the same story in Japan, Nintendo’s stronghold. Here the Wii U sold over 3.33 million units in its lifetime. But the PS5 is trailing behind, with only 1.18 million consoles sold by the end of November. If you need gaming accessories for your PS5, you might want to visit the SCUF Gaming homepage for more gaming products and accessories on sale.

Breaking down Europe sales, the PS5 has sold 1.26 million units in the UK through November 13, while the Wii U sold 0.69 million units. In Germany, the PS5 has sold 1.03 million units and the Wii U sold 0.75 million units. In France, the PS5 has sold 0.92 million units and the Wii U sold 0.85 million units.

Switching it up

A great start already for PlayStation, then. But then again, the Wii U was hardly Nintendo’s finest hour. It was arguably its weakest console, and comparing the total PS5 sales to the Switch tells a very different story. With 92.8 million units sold as of November 2021, I doubt these statistics are keeping Nintendo up at night.

Source; VGChartz, The Verge

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