Will PlayStation 5 Only be Backward Compatible with PlayStation 4?

Will PlayStation 5 Only be Backward Compatible with PlayStation 4?

With the PlayStation 5 just around the corner, it seems that backward compatible games will finish at the PlayStation 4. Taken from a Ubisoft posting [of all places], the publisher confirmed that the PS5 will only be backwards compatible on the current-gen console. This means no PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, or any previous mobile platform.

It should be stated that this is not an official communication from Sony. With that being said, Sony has never officially confirmed anything other than PS4 support for the next-gen console. From the reaction to this news, it seems the internet had other ideas.

PS3 is renowned for being difficult to emulate due to the complicated internals that made the console so hard to develop for [looking at you, Bethesda]. On paper though, the PS5 can easily emulate PS1, PS2, PSP and even Vita.

Probably best to forget this attempt at retro gaming…

Microsoft has really led the charge over this last generation with backwards compatibility. Support for many Xbox 360 and even some OG Xbox titles is available. These could be purchased separately or added [for free] if you inserted the original disc. This move has been well supported by the retro gaming community.

Sony and history of backwards compatibility

Sony, on the other hand, has a spotted history when it comes to backwards compatibility. The PS2 had built-in PS1 backwards compatibility, while only the launch model PS3 supported PS1/PS2. The PS Vita had a reasonable library of PS1 and PSP games on its store, but the PS4 has been lacking. Only a few PS2 re-release titles sat alongside remakes and remasters – and these are locked behind payments, or PS Now’s less-than-optimal streaming services.

The compatibility with PS4 is a big deal now that many people have large digital libraries locked to their machine. It is a shame we haven’t seen Sony go further. Our opinion is that we will see these classics coming to their paid PS Now service at some point rather than baked in, but that is pure speculation.

What are your thoughts? Does this affect your purchasing decisions?

Source: Kotaku

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