Playstation 4 hits 100m units sold in record time

Playstation 4 hits 100m units sold in record time

Sony announced that the PS4 has hit the massive milestone of 100 million units sold. This is the culmination of a superb console generation, and one which they have utterly dominated since the consoles launch in 2013.

What’s most impressive here is that the PS4 has outpaced the Wii and the PS2 to reach the milestone. Since launch, the PS4 has seemed certain to reach this milestone, but the speed at which this has been achieved is remarkable.

Sony reported sales of 3.2 million units for the quarter, which actually brings total units sold to 100 million exactly. Should the sales continue at the current pace, it will outsell both the Wii and Plasystation, to put it within touching distance of Game Boy original.

Sony got off to a winner with their grounded marketing at the PS4 E3 reveal, and received a timely boost by Microsoft’s utterly disastrous early marketing of the Xbox One. The Xbox never recovered, to the point where Microsoft have stopped revealing sales figures. However, Sony haven’t been complacent. They have released a catalogue of games that have placed the PS4 as arguably the best console of all time.

However, given that the PS5 is set to launch Q3 or Q4 2020, it is unlikely to reach the 155 million lifetime sales of the PS2, which currently sits as the highest selling console of all time.

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