PlayStation 4 Controller to Receive Competitive “Back Button” Add-Ons

PlayStation 4 Controller to Receive Competitive “Back Button” Add-Ons

Sony has recently announced its new ‘Dualshock 4 Back Button Attachment’. Heading to the PlayStation 4 February 2020, this new attachment promises to bring a new level of competitiveness.

For all intents and purposes, the attachment is akin to the Xbox Pro Controller. Only without the need to purchase a brand new controller!

As PlayStation promises, this attachment;

“elevates your gameplay by delivering more versatility and performance, while maintaining the comfort and feel of the Dualshock 4 wireless controller you’ve come to love”.


For the (Professional) Players

With the new attachment, PlayStation 4 players will have new options on how they want to play. The attachment features two programmable buttons which are “highly tactile”. The aim is to make more use of the players’ hands to “shorten response time”.

Players can programme the Back Buttons however they see fit. The attachment comes with a high-fidelity OLED screen. This screen provides real-time information on current controller layouts. Players can map out up to 16 different actions on these buttons.

Furthermore, if the current layout doesn’t suit your needs, you can remap the buttons on the fly. Players can change things You can go from one play-style to another at the touch of a button. And you needn’t worry about having to reconfigure every time you boot up a new game either. The attachment allows you to save up to three different layouts. Plus, there’s also a headset pass-through for connecting any and all 3.5mm wired headsets into the controller.

The Back Button Attachment launches in the EU (the UK presumably included regardless of Brexit) on 14th February. The PlayStation.Blog page notes the attachment is listed as €29.99. There does not seem to be any listings on where to pre-order the controller (at time of press). However, we will provide further information as it becomes available.

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