June 27, 2022

Platinum Games Go Mobile With New RPG

Legendary Japanese developer Platinum Games, the studio behind Bayonetta and Nier Automata is known for its particular brand of action games that focus on kinetic hack and slash gameplay. With that in mind, the developers are launching a new IP known as World of Demons. A new Samurai action-RPG game that promises their trademark style to your mobile phone.

The collaboration with DeNA Games (the behind Fire Emblem Heroes) and Platinum Games’ World of Demons focuses on bite-sized character-action gameplay, while also telling an original story. Set in ancient Japan where creatures of myth and folklore are real, World of Demons puts you in the role of the wandering samurai Onimaru, who must eliminate a powerful demon king that has invaded the land. Over time, you’ll be able to partner up with additional allies wielding their own unique weapons and take command of your own party of demons to lead into battle. As you clear through stages and take on massive bosses, you’ll gain new weapons and items, which you can use to upgrade your heroes.

Developed for the last three years, World of Demons is largely in the same style of other Platinum Games, but designed around the touch interface of smartphones. You’ll be able to control your character with full 360 degree movement via the touch screen, while also using a set of combo attacks and skills to summon monsters.

At launch, the game will start off with 3 playable characters and over 80 demons to recruit–and over time more content will be added as the game develops its community. It will launch with two primary gameplay modes, World of Demons is the Way of the Warrior story mode, where players tackle a number of missions and narrative beats as the Samurai and his party take on the demonic presence in the land, and the Way of the Demon mode which offers daily challenges and timed missions to gain new weapons and minions. There will be a competitive mode where players can compete on leaderboards and take on active challenges against others online.

World of Demons is set to launch this summer on both IOS and Android devices.

For more information on World of Demons visit: Platinum Games

Source: GameSpot

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