Plants Vs Zombies Shooter Coming, Early Access Available Now

Plants Vs Zombies Shooter Coming, Early Access Available Now

For fans of the team-based shooter, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, you’re in for a treat.

The Garden Warfare series takes PopCap’s characters from their tower-defence settings and places them in a Team Fortress 2-styled team-based shoot-a-thon.

EA officially announced the latest entry into the franchise, Battle for Neighborville. There’s great news for you eager beavers.

For anyone who purchases the Founder’s Edition (available for £24.99), you gain access to six weeks worth of content ahead of the game’s official launch 18th October.

Players have access to the Turf Takeover PvP map, a plant side free-roaming zone, and a Fire Defender customisation unlock. Plus, each week will see more new content being released ahead of the game’s launch.

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Even better news is that the Founder’s Edition is £24.99, but the regular-edition looks to be £10 more. You’ll have access to all of this content and still be able to carry it over to the main game.

The Founder’s Edition went live on 4th September, but you have until 30th September to purchase and reap the rewards. Obviously, the sooner you do, the more gameplay you’ll enjoy.

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