Plague Tale Requiem Launch Performance Divides Fans

Plague Tale Requiem Launch Performance Divides Fans

A Plague Tale: Requiem, the highly anticipated sequel to 2019’s sleeper hit A Plague Tale: Innocence, hit home consoles and PC on Tuesday 18th of October. However, the launch seems to have been plagued (no pun intended) with a variety of performance issues on all platforms.

This seems like it could cause chaos for the small team over at Asobo Studio.

The Bad and The Ugly

Reviews flooded in earlier this week for Requiem with most reviewers citing it as a marked improvement over the original and a true graphical feast that really ushers in the next generation of gaming. A major outlier that showed up in the majority of reviews was a noticeable amount of performance issues.

The popular YouTuber SkillUp went into great detail with his review. He showed that, in its current pre-launch form, the game struggles to run competently at even Medium Settings.

This is, however, without the use of Nvidia’s DLSS software. Frame rates dropped as low as 20 frames in busier sections of gameplay. This wasn’t just limited to more linear sections such as simply walking through a town’s streets. It also cropped up during more action-orientated sections.

Console performance has also caused somewhat of a stir within the community. The game reportedly runs at just 30fps on current-gen consoles. In a generation that was touted as the fastest and most visually bombastic yet, this is a concern for a lot of fans.

Combine this with the news of Gotham Knights also being capped at 30fps, and it’s a somewhat concerning time for console gamers.

The Good

It’s not all grey skies and thunderstorms regarding the launch of Requiem however as it is truly proving just how mighty Nvidia’s new line of 40 series GPUs really are. Combined with the new DLSS 3 option that comes with the new GPUs, Plague Tale Requiem can run at 140fps on maximum settings with 4K resolution. This can be seen as nothing but a win for Nvidia and a true show of force that it is still alive and kicking in the increasingly competitive fight for superiority within the PC components market.

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