May 25, 2022

Phil Spencer Says Coronavirus Delays Will Take Effect 2021

If you’re wondering how the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic will affect the games industry, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has some idea,

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, has recently spoke to Business Insider.

Included in his discussion with the platform, Big Phil said about how the ongoing pandemic and associated delays will be felt in early 2021.

Despite his early optimism, Spencer noted how the impact of work-from-home environments will see major games being delayed further.:

“Through the summer, early fall? I feel pretty good about those games. Games that were targeting a year from now or beyond? There’ll be some impact, but they’ll be able to react”.

A big reason behind these delays will be the ability to motion-capture actors. Naturally, with actors being unable to get to the studios, capture sequences can’t be taken. Spencer commented on this as well:

“Mo-cap is just something that’s basically stopped. We’re not going into mo-cap studios.

If you had all your animation captured and you’re doing touch up in more individual art production and in areas like textures and other things, you’re in a better position.

If you’re waiting for a lot of either large audio work — when it’s with symphonies and other things — or mo-cap, you’re held up right now and you’re making progress in areas that you are”.

The Biggest Impact

Of course, the games with yearly release schedules will be the most affected. Titles like Madden, FIFA, and NBA 2K all look to have a title available once a year.

A key part of these titles is the on-screen representation of world-famous figures. Which, obviously, is going to be harder to achieve this coming production year. Spencer went on to detail:

“It’s really in those [types of] games that were trying to finally get all their asset base together in terms of art production that they might have the biggest impact”.

However, despite this, Phil Spencer is optimistic about the industry:

“I’m pretty confident in the industry’s ability to continue a steady flow of games coming out. There’s just a lot of games in production across the industry right now, and I think we’re going to be — as an industry — we’re going to be fine.

I’m bullish on what this means in the long run for games, even if there’s a certain impact to a certain launch window for certain titles that we might see”.

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