May 17, 2022

Phil Spencer Discusses Xbox Series X Backwards Compatible Games

Even though the Xbox Series X won’t release until the end of 2020, Xbox boss Phil Spencer already has the Xbox Series X console at home.

The perks of being the boss in action.

In a recent interview he has spoken about the level of backwards compatibility available with the console, now he’s using it on a daily basis.

Phil Spencer explained recently on Gamertag Radio that being able to use the new console daily helps to feedback to the team at Microsoft, to test the limits of the Series X.

Straight From The Phil’s Mouth

“Relative to the Xbox One–the first codename for that was Durango back in the original days–we are so far ahead in terms of when we have take home [consoles] and this thing being in the home,” Spencer explained.

“That’s why I tweeted it out, because the team has just done such incredible work to get us into a position where this far ahead of launch we’re actually at home and I can actually use it as a primary console”

Using himself as a product tester has given the team the chance to tweak the console based on Phil’s feedback.

“It’s obviously quite a bit faster than the Xbox One,” added Spencer when referring to the Series X’s UI. “And even sometimes when things run a little bit faster there’s some UI things that you need to be aware of.”

Phil went on to explain that part of his reason for making the Series X his main home console was to test the limits of the backwards compatibility.

The new console is currently expected to play all Xbox One titles as well as a vast amount of 360 titles.

So currently he spends a lot of time booting up the games to test how they run; if at all.

Considering anyone can see what he’s currently playing, it’s easy to tell which have passed the test.

How Compatible Is It?

“I’m trying it. It’s in active development, sometimes it reboots. Not all the games today are completely compatible.

We’re working through our list of approved games on it. You can see what I’m playing; there’s tons of games that work,” Spencer said.

Even in this current state, Spencer alludes to the performance enhancements that the Xbox Series X can offer based on it’s modern hardware.

Unsurprisingly the loading times will be greatly improved over previously consoles with the use of SSD technology

“If I load a little faster into my Destiny strike than you, that’s maybe my box,” Spencer adding jokingly.

The Xbox Series X is expected to arrive later this year, though Microsoft have said that there won’t be Xbox exclusives at launch.

Sourced from: Gamespot

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