Peter Parker Receives Face-lift for Spider-Man: Remastered

Peter Parker Receives Face-lift for Spider-Man: Remastered

We recently covered a controversial move by Sony that will see Marvel’s Spider-Man not receive a free next-gen upgrade to PlayStation 5.

However, this move could be even more damning! [I jest, it probably won’t be. Probably].

For the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered, Insomniac is working hard to bring a complete overhaul to the original game. And, apparently, that also means giving Peter Parker a face-lift, too.

Insomniac has put this down to the ability of the PS5 in relation to the PlayStation 4. Owing to the next-gen console’s superior power, we can expect “higher fidelity skin, eye, and teeth shaders” in combination with “individually-rendered strands of hair”.

[Which, is something I’m sure they’ve been saying for the past two generations, but that’s none of my business].

PS4 Parker Vs PS5 Parker

Furthermore, the new face has been mapped by a completely different person. Model Ben Jordan has been brought in to “better match” voice actor Yuri Lowenthal’s voice capture. Of course, why they decided to ditch John Bubniak is up for speculation, though some might think it has something to do with the MCU. I guess, as a passing reference, Jordan kind of looks like Tom Holland…in the same way that Bubniak looks like Andrew Garfield.

YouTube player

From the same trailer that showcased Jordan’s Peter Parker, we also see Doctor Octavius. And, notably, the good doc still looks like his PS4 model.

Albeit, slightly sleeker, but notably still the same guy.

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