Peter Molyneux Developing a Blockchain Game

Peter Molyneux Developing a Blockchain Game

Peter Molyneux is back with another…interesting proposal for a gaming project; the world’s first blockchain business sim.

More specifically, Molyneux’s 22cans will be developing a game titled Legacy, an “innovative new game that pushes the boundaries of blockchain gaming”.

Furthermore, 22cans notes that Legacy is;

“…a creative entrepreneur’s dream come true, an opportunity for players to build their very own business, designing their own products from a huge array of possibilities as they create a business empire the likes of which the world has never seen!

NFTs and blockchain gaming has been in the news a fair bit recently, and most of them perform the same way. So, how does Legacy differ? Well…;

“Owning a Land NFT allows you to start your own in-game blockchain business association in Legacy. You will be able to play Legacy while earning and owning your gameplay.

Crucially, as a business association owner, you will have access to Legacy Keys. These items can be lent to other people who want to start an in-game business in Legacy, making them your in-game Business Partners. As part of your association, they will share a portion of their earned LegacyCoin with you”.

“But what is LegacyCoin?” you may ask. Well…;

“LegacyCoin is a new Cryptocurrency lying on the Ethereum blockchain which complies with the tried and trusted ERC-20 token standard”.

If that means anything to you, then there you go. However, to the rest of us, all we need to know is that Peter Molyneux is making a new game. And that new game utilises blockchain technology. I don’t need to say more than that, surely?