May 23, 2022

Persona 4 Golden is Now on Steam

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The internet has been calling this for a while, but Persona 4 Golden is now on Steam. PC using JRPG fans everywhere can now rest a bit easier with the knowledge they can play one of the best examples of the genre available.

According to the publisher Sega, the Steam release will: feature a few frame-rate options; support full HD; include Steam achievements and Trading Cards; as well as a choice between the English and Japanese voice track.

The Steam listing has priced the classic JRPG at a very reasonable £15.99 for the standard edition, or £19.99 for the deluxe edition. The deluxe also comes with a digital artbook and the game’s soundtrack.

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Instant Classic

Persona 4 originally came out on PlayStation 2 back in 2008 and was pretty much an instant classic. Perfectly juggling the JRPG dungeon-crawler aspects with a zany school-life simulator. In fact, while the dungeon-crawling aspect was a big draw, the crowning jewel of the game lay with the daily activities. Spending time, and forming genuine emotional bonds, with the engaging characters it offered.

4 years later Persona 4 Golden released, a massively expanded version of the PS2 classic, on the PlayStation Vita. It’s this expanded version that will now take residence on many a gamer’s PC, thanks to the not-so-surprising announcement at the 2020 PC Gaming Show yesterday.

If we’re being honest it does sting a little that there is still no word of any of the main Persona instalments receiving a Switch port. Atlus themselves have previously told fans not to give up hope. However, the fact that Persona 4 Golden was originally a Vita game would seemingly make it the perfect candidate for a Switch version.

Let us know if you’ll be picking up Persona 4 Golden on PC, and whether you’d like to see the series make the full jump to the Switch.

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