Perfect Dark Reboot in the Works, The Initiative Confirms

Perfect Dark Reboot in the Works, The Initiative Confirms

Beloved Rare FPS title, Perfect Dark, is officially getting a reboot.

However, Rare isn’t at the helm this time around.

The Initiative – a super-studio made up of alumni from Rockstar, BioWare, NaughtyDog, and more – is hemming the project alongside Crystal Dynamics.

Currently, that is the extent of our knowledge on the new game, with The Initiative confirming;

…”We’re still early in development…”

The spiritual successor to Goldeneye, Perfect Dark utilised an upgraded version of Goldeneye‘s engine.

Perfect Dark was praised for – among other aspects – its AI, multiplayer options, and (for the time), its graphics.

Of course, Xbox Game Studios owns The Initiative. Meaning that the title will, potentially, be an Xbox console exclusive.

As of the time of press, this news is unfounded. However, of course, Xbox also owns Rare. Therefore, whichever way Perfect Dark was going to go, a potential Xbox exclusivity deal was always going to be on the cards.

We’ll have more on this story as it becomes available.