May 23, 2022

PAX Online Moo Lander Tournament Has Begun

This year’s PAX and EGX online gaming event is the first big appearance of Indie gem, Moo Lander! The developers have prepared something special for you – a fierce multiplayer contest with awesome rewards!

The tournament will be ongoing and started on the 14th of September continuing up until the 20th of September. During this time, all participants earn score points and a leaderboard is set up to keep track.
At the end of the tournament, winners will be determined and awesome prices will be given away the highest scores – money rewards and you can even get your name engraved in the game!

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All you have to do is download the free Moo Lander demo on Steam, install and click the “Multiplayer” option and set your Steam username. Start playing with your friends and build up your score!
For details visit the official Moo Lander tournament website.

The Moo Lander multiplayer offers both PvE and PvP modes – like Fight the Cow (up to 2 Landers and 2 Cows fight for dominion) and Two Landers VS AI Cow (Up to 2 players can try and defeat the near unbeatable mighty AI cow).

You can choose to play as a Mighty Ancient Cow with all the cool abilities that these majestic creatures possess. Test your cow instincts against the invading Landers and obtain a special multiplayer role base on your play style.

Have fun playing, and may the milk be with you!

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