May 23, 2022

Paul Haddad, Resident Evil 2 Voice Actor, Has Passed Away

With thanks to Invader Studios, we are saddened to hear about the passing of Paul Haddad. Paul is best known for his role as Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2.

ABG is saddened to report that Paul Haddad has passed away at the age of 56.

Most notable to fans as the voice of Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2, Haddad passing was announced by Invader Studios Twitter.

“Paul Haddad, our dear friend and an icon among the RE community, has passed away recently. We’ve been truly honored to have the chance to meet and work with such a great man and a brilliant professional that He was.

Res in Peace Paul… You will live forever in our hearts”.

Invader Studios partnered up with Haddad as they worked on Daymare: 1998. Acting as a tribute to the Resident Evil series, Daymare is a survival horror. It also happens to be Haddad’s second video game appearance.

ABG would like to extend it’s warmest and most sincere apologies to Haddad’s family and friends at this difficult time.

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