May 23, 2022

Pastel: Blind Karma. A Puzzle Adventure Game Staring a Nine-Tailed Fox!

SMS Technologies’ upcoming third-person puzzle 3D adventure is truly a work of art, it is called, Pastel: Blind Karma. This is a new project made between artists Yuni Jang (Korea) and Ilya Sipyagin (Russia). Players control the titular Pastel, a nine-tailed fox in her female mostly-human form. She soon awakens from a deep sleep to find herself in the middle of an overgrown forest.

It is clear that the game has been inspired by Russian and Korean cultures. The art in Pastel: Blind Karma brings together the best of both worlds, with unique and original creatures, bosses, and an environment that constantly changes.

I cannot help but wonder whether the muse for this game is drawn from the Kitsune, in the literal sense it is the Japanese word for fox. In Yokai law the foxes have the ability to shape shift into human form. These legends draw on Chinese mythology, which tell of a fox which can have up to nine tails. (Do you see where I am going with this?)

In game image of Pastel looking through a number of large stone arches

The Story

Once you have awoken from your deep sleep, you cannot help but feel that something is wrong. You start to look around for a clue as to why you are here but quickly realise that other than your name, you have no memory whatsoever. Your name is Pastel and you are a nine-tailed fox, of that you are certain, and that is all you know and remember.

You do have this feeling, that you have a purpose, you need to stop something terrible from happening, but what it is you do not know. However you realize that to stop whatever it is from happening you must first discover a few things. Like who you are, and what has happened while you slept.

In order to regain your memories and successfully carry out your objective, you will have to deal with a variety of challenging puzzles that you find in your way.

Pastel: Blind Karma is due for release on Steam for Windows PC on August 21st this year.

Source: AdventureGamers

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