July 5, 2022

Dinosaur park simulator Parkasaurus first impressions

Parkasaurus is a low-poly take on the dinosaur park management sim from WashBear Studio. You start the game off with an easy tutorial to guide you to open your first park. This is where you learn the fundamentals, and you learn them quick enough to dive right in.

I didn’t have a defined layout I was going for initially; I’ve never been good at that. But, the level of customization that is possible for your park makes even the most random layouts beautiful.

There is a lot to do already, and for an Early Access game, that’s something we rarely see. There is a rewarding progression system that feels satisfying when playing. You will always be upgrading your park with better looking and better-functioning items. You hire your own staff, and choose based on your individual needs for your park. Want a faster, harder worker with no personality? Well, that’s your choice.

Oh yeah, did I mention you time travel to dig up fossils to clone dinos? Each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere, where the shape, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity all make a difference in the exhibit. It’s important to keep your dinos happy with dino-friends, toys, and plenty of food or you run the risk of an escape and them destroying the park. Don’t worry though, you can tranquilize them in First-Person mode for a safe return.

Taking care of your guests is just as important as taking care of your dinosaurs in Parkasaurus. Making sure they are happy will ensure your future. Setup gift shops, donation boxes, restaurants, decorations, and more to have maximum customer satisfaction. That means you can charge higher prices for more profit!  Also, at the end of each day, your customers will leave reviews to tell you how to improve your park.

For a two-person team, WashBear has outdone themselves. You can tell they have put their all into Parkasaurus, and it shines. No inclusions of micro-transactions or loot boxes (as of yet) gives this already strong title an even better reason to pick up.

You can pick up Parkasaurus on Steam Early Access now for $20.

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