May 22, 2022

Panzer Dragoon VR Coming Within Next Year

Legendary rail-shooter SEGA Saturn game, Panzer Dragoon is getting a whole heap of love this year. First, there’s the Nintendo Switch remaster. And now, there’s this VR rendition!

SEGA’s on-rail shooter/fantasy RPG series Panzer Dragoon is coming to select VR systems, VGC reports.

The tentatively titled Panzer Dragoon: Voyage Record will see players take to the skies as never before. Described as a “virtual reality dramatic shooter”, Voyage Record is going to be a “completely new work”.

Meaning, as opposed to being complete remaster, players will be able to relive different scenes from the series predecessors.

Due out sometime before March 2021, Voyage Record will boast new, first-person graphics. This is alongside an input method that will make VR controllers simulate handguns found on the dragon riders.

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The SEGA Saturn classics are also headed to Nintendo Switch as noted in Nintendo’s E3 2019 trailer.

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