Panic Room 2: Hide and Seek sneaks into IOS App Store.

Panic Room 2: Hide and Seek sneaks into IOS App Store.

Discover The Terror Behind The Mask In ‘Panic Room 2: Hide And Seek’ Causing Fear On The App Store Today!

Nikita Online are encouraging prospect detectives and fans of mystery and suspense to tryout Panic Room 2: Hide And Seek, the newest of Hidden Object games produced by Fun Factory causing fear on the iOS® app store today! A sequel to the critically acclaimed Panic Room: House Of Secrets, this latest chapter challenges you to escape from your imprisonment in a maniacs mansion!

Panic Room 2: Hide And Seek takes you on a journey to a gloomy abandoned mansion that ends in imprisonment at the hands of a deranged maniac. The walls of the once-opulent house still remember the dreadful events and the suffering of unlucky puppets that took place in the original game where the victims of circumstance desperately struggled to break free of the maniac’s iron grip. The dreadful story now repeats itself, except this time the victims were picked out for a reason. New events, puzzles and challenges surprise with their previously unseen cruelty and brutality. You will have to work hard to survive, let alone escape or find out who hides his face behind the mask of the mysterious Puppeteer.

Panic Room 2: Hide And Seek offers an entirely new story and only shares the setting with its predecessor. The game features an enigmatic plot full of unexpected twists and turns. Taking place 10 years after the events of the original, the mansion is packed with surprises and fans will discover plenty of references, Easter eggs and even familiar faces.

Panic Room 2: Hide And Seek includes a cornucopia of puzzles, collections and diverse activities that will keep you entertained and keep the game dynamic and captivating. Can you master the original gameplay modes such as “Night”, “Shadows” or “Invisible ink” adding variety and excitement? Make friends as you play, interact and engage by exchanging gifts! The freedom of choice offers you two branching storylines. Which path will you choose to succeed?


  • Intriguing spine-chilling plot with nail-biting narrative
  • Unique gameplay modes,
  • Challenging puzzles, collections and brainteasers
  • Beautiful graphics and captivating music

Panic Room 2: Hide and Seek is available on the iOS® app store today, and on Facebook as well as on a number of Russian social networks including Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir.

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