July 3, 2022

Overwatch Free to Play Until April 23rd

Overwatch’s Archives Event, Storm Rising, is now live! The event sees players cooperate in a mission to extract antagonist, Maximilien, following a pursuit through the streets of Havana. To celebrate the launch, Blizzard are giving everyone on PC, PS4 and Xbox One the chance to try the excellent hero shooter for free between now and April 23rd.

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Strom Rising official launch trailer

The week-long trial gives players access to the full game; 27 maps, and all characters, including the latest hero, Baptiste. Access to the full game allows players new to the game to experience the loot box-based progression system, letting players unlock the games coveted character skins. Previous Archive events, Uprising and Retribution, are also available for a limited time.

The trial period coincides with a sale on the game. Console users can grab the legendary edition for £17 (approximately $22 or AU$33). Alternativelty, PC users can get the base game for £12.99 (approximately $17 or AU$24) on Blizzards client, BattleNet.

Source: www.gamespot.com

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