July 3, 2022

Overhit Receives Massive In-Game Content

A new batch of enchanted characters arrives alongside fresh content in Overhit. The widely-popular turn-based action RPG from NEXON recently received a massive update on Apple and Android devices.

The massive content update furthers Overhit’s strategic action-adventure gameplay with a myriad of new additions, including:

  • Epic New Heroes; this update adds two powerful Wind-Type heroes to Overhit’s daunting roster. From now until 12th December, players can experience Chance Boost Gachas for both characters
    • Hercules appeared from out of nowhere near the Duchy of Serendia and Industria. His brute force has earned him the position of boss in the streets at night
    • Awakened Ash gained possession of the Chrono Timer, and is now Overhit’s first-ever Awakened hero. He now can use the Timer to manipulate time and space to appear in two places at once
  • Saion Balances; Overhit’s epic Wind-Type SSR hero Saion has been balanced to become stronger than ever before
  • Saison Event Dungeon; For a limited time, players can test their merits in this event dungeon at three difficulty levels. These include; Story, Hard and Extreme. Players can experience new cut-scenes and exclusive rewards
  • New Raid Boss; Cliel, the Water-Type monster from galactic depths of an ocean in Disconnectia beckons daring players in exchange for Chaos Gear. This special gear boasts a higher rank than all other gear in Overhit
  • Original and World Raid Boss Modes; This revamped Raid Boss mode includes two difficulty levels for now. In the World Raid Boss mode, players who defeat Cliel will earn additional special rewards
  • Special Events; The update delivers several festive events including; The Seven Day Attendance Event. The Hero Growth Support Event for Wind-Type heroes. The Rock-Scissor-Paper Event. And the Bingo Event.

Stunning Console-Quality Graphics in the Palm of Your Hand

Overhit invites players to command the Black Wings resistance army. Packed with characters from across time and space, a cast of more than 120 unforgettable heroes are ready. Overhit’s characters are voiced by world-renowned anime voice actors such as Ishikawa Kaito, Uchida Aya and Morikawa Toiyuki. Get ready to take charge in a gorgeous world with console-inspired 3D backgrounds.

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The latest Overhit content update is now available for players worldwide on iOS and Android. For more information, be sure to visit Overhit’s official website. Alternatively, check out Overhit’s Facebook page.

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