May 27, 2022

Don’t have any plans for the summer? Team17 and Ghost Town has you covered with the new, free DLC for Overcooked 2.

The latest update is called Sun’s Out Buns Out and as the name implies the DLC gives us a fresh taste of summer. There will be five new levels each more paradisial than the next. Master two new recipes, a fresh summer salad, and a delicious ice cream float.

Two new chefs also join the already expansive roster of culinary creatures. Both new chefs are of the canine persuasion and judging by the reveal trailer one of the good bois seems to be a husky. I think I just peed a little.

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Carnival of Chaos

Coming alongside the new update is the Carnival of Chaos sauce dispensers. You will also get to enjoy the summer-parade, where you can expect to see “fireworks, confetti, and floats to spice up your game.” However, these fireworks could also spot you a bit of trouble, in the kitchen. You heard me right, the fireworks are going to be a new hazard that you will have to be mindful of while putting that finishing touch on your main course.

Overcooked 2’s Sun’s Out Buns Out DLC was released on PC on July 5 however, a release date has not yet been confirmed for the console version of the game.

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