Outer Wilds Writer Joins Obisidian

Outer Wilds Writer Joins Obisidian

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have confused Outer Wilds with The Outer Worlds at least once last year.

Both feature a first-person perspective. Both see you take flight around a distant galaxy. And both have really similar sounding names.

Well, the crossover between the two doesn’t end there as Obsidian Entertainment (who made The Outer WORLDS) has recently hired Kelsey Beachum (a writer for The Outer WILDS).

Arguably two of the best narrative-driven games of last year, both Outer Worlds and Wilds received huge critical acclaim. Obviously, there’s no news on an Outer Worlds 2. However, if Obsidian ever does make a sequel, here’s hoping for a reference to Outer Wilds in there somewhere. You just would, wouldn’t you?

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