OTXO Shoots its Way to Steam with Playable Demo Available Now

OTXO Shoots its Way to Steam with Playable Demo Available Now

Super Rare Originals [SRO] has revealed its latest title, OTXO [pronounced “oh-cho”]! 

OTXO is a violent, tight top-down shooter with roguelite elements, a slow-mo mechanic, more than 50 abilities, and 150 hand-crafted rooms. It boasts a massive arsenal of weapons to face your inner demons with. Can you beat the cycle?

SRO is partnering with Lateralis [Dogworld, composer for Glass Revolver’s WE KILL MONSTERS] again to help bring his gritty, loud, and deeply personal game to life. SRO previously partnered together on the physical version of his game Dogworld

What’s more, SRO is featuring as part of Steam’s Going Rogue festival, with a playable demo available from Monday, 2nd to 9th May! 

About OTXO

In OTXO, our protagonist enters an inexplicable, abstract mansion to rescue a loved one. As you venture deeper into the Mansion, it becomes apparent that what’s being unravelled is an anecdote about abject misery and the cost of fighting against overwhelming odds. Face your inner demons and unveil the secrets of the Mansion.

⌚ Playable Demo

The demo of OTXO will feature 12 different weapons and 10 levels. No boss fights, unlockables, or randomization of the game rooms is present in this demo – it’s purely a gameplay experience. The demo will be playable during Steam’s Going Rogue festival, 2nd – 9th May!

🔫 Violent Top-Down Roguelite Action

A tight shooter with tons of customisation options. Utilise a special slow-mo mechanic – “Focus” – to take down your various enemies, unlock new weapons, and acquire new abilities from an enigmatic bartender. Build a setup that’ll help you break the cycle!

💭 No Run is the Same

With eight different areas to work your way through and 150 hand-crafted rooms randomly laid out during your playthrough, no run through OTXO is ever the same.

👩‍💻 About the Developer

OTXO is developed single-handedly by Lateralis, the creator of Dogworld and composer for Glass Revolver’s WE KILL MONSTERS. His signature minimalist, gritty art design and reserved pixel art colour palette shine through in OXTO. His previous game was awarded 8.5/10 by Noisy Pixel. SRO’s physical Switch release sold out almost instantly due to the high demand for his quality indie game work.

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