ORIGIN PC has revealed its latest hardware and features at CES 2020.

They announced the availability of their all-new BIG O hybrid gaming desktop. The BIG O combines a liquid-cooled PC and a liquid-cooled gaming console into one system. There’s also upcoming native support for iCUE software on ORIGIN PC systems.

The upcoming M-Class RTX Studio desktop is for professionals with future collaborations with CORSAIR possible.


The 2020 BIG O uses the dual-chamber chassis design of the CORSAIR Crystal Series 280X. Customers can customise the components of the PC side of BIG O.

In addition, they can choose between an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition or PlayStation 4 Pro for the console side. Further customisation options are available, including adding a SATA SSD to the console for faster load times.

There’s also an Elgato 4K60 Pro capture card to play the console on the PC or stream/record console gameplay. Or they can even add RGB lighting, HD UV printing, and laser etching to the system.

For further customisation of ORIGIN PC systems, CORSAIR’s iCUE enabled hardware can now be added to CHRONOS and NEURON desktops. More ORIGIN PC systems will soon support iCUE including native iCUE support in ORIGIN PC EVO laptops, as well as MILLENNIUM and GENESIS desktops.

Customers can customise the RGB lighting on each key on EVO laptops. Or, they can create expansive lighting profiles. They can even enjoy iCUE-enabled games such as Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 for an immersive and interactive lighting experience. More information about iCUE on ORIGIN PC systems will be announced later in the year.

The M-Class RTX Studio Desktop

For professionals, the M-Class RTX Studio desktop features PC performance capable of handling demanding creative workflows.

ORIGIN PC has been verified by NVIDIA to build a system capable of running NVIDIA Studio drivers. The ORIGIN PC team put together a special configuration powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards. These builds can be customised further.

However, the base specifications of the M-Class RTX Studio desktop offer reliability in the world’s most popular creative and productivity applications.

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