July 3, 2022

OnRush Review – Xbox One


Throughout my gaming life one of the genres that has been consistently present is racers. Whether it was a realistic simulator such as Gran Turismo or wild and insane like Destruction Derby – the need for speed (intentional pun) has always been there. So you can imagine my joy when I heard about OnRush, a game that caters for the adrenaline rush of speed but also gives me my fix of total carnage.

Right from the start you’re sucked into an immersive world of racing-with-a-difference; there’s no fighting for pole position here – it’s objective-based so in order to win, stick to the task ahead. OnRush doesn’t bother with laps, split times or playing fair. Instead you have Takedowns, Rush and the Stampede.

Takedowns will see you speed off cliff edges and traverse huge ramps before landing with a force that will crush anything you land on – hopefully that’s the other team. Rush is a boost the likes of which you won’t see anywhere else. Every vehicle has its own variation, but each will boost adrenaline levels to incredible highs. Finally, the Stampede puts you – and keeps you – in the thick of the action.


More modes than you can shake a gear stick at

There’s a plethora on offer here – we suggest you get a feel for OnRush with a simple ‘reach the points target’ first to win, but as you progress you’ll experience some weird and wonderful modes.

In ‘Switch’ you’ll start on a motorbike, and on each collision with an enemy combatant, you’ll ‘switch’ into increasingly larger vehicles. Be warned, though, as you have limited switches; get hit too many times and it’s game over. Other modes include a time trial where driving through the markers keeps your downward ticking clock topped up – if your team’s clock hits zero, you lose, and an entertaining and chaotic capture the flag mode.

You also have the online mode to race against fellow OnRushers but be warned, OnRush has that new game super competitive feel to it. It’s fun and the feeling of wrecking another gamer is oh so sweet. The feeling of getting wrecked by a fellow gamer is oh so bitter. A game of this calibre had to have online racing and the racing genre is always a popular one for PvP. I tried it after a few hours of campaign play. I think of myself as a digital petrol head but was very, VERY mistaken – practice makes perfect so stick with it and become an online MVP. My advice is try it. If you like it then crack on, but if you don’t then you haven’t lost anything.


When it comes to your wheeled steeds, OnRush has covered a whole load of bases here all the way from the crotch rocket to what is essentially a monster truck. Pick your beast and give it some beans. To be more specific, you have 8 classes to pick from. Each class has its perks for you to use. If you want to support your fellow racers then select ‘The Titan’ and provide a shield to those close to you. If speed is more up your street the ‘The Blade’ bike will be perfect. Again you have the choice, pick your style favourite and race your heart out.

As you progress and level up you’ll be given gear crates, essentially a loot crate but with a motorsport spin on it. Open up one of these bad boys and you get three random items with which you can customise your vehicle. Kit comes in three flavours – common, rare, and epic – and range from the plain to the monumental. Everything is purely cosmetic and offers no benefit or boost to the player – in other words it’s all bling bling. A tip of the digital hat to whoever designed the animation when opening a gear crate, top drawer in my opinion.

You can customise your character/racer, too. I didn’t see any change in the game when I switched but it’s nice to have the option. There are various ways to customise your chosen one though, from the outfit they have to a celebration dance. As with your wheels, choose what feels right for you and go for it.


The good, the bad, and the pretty unbelievable

OnRush is insane. Take 2 cups of Motorstorm, 1 cup of Burnout Paradise, 1 cup of Split Second Velocity, a pinch of Overwatch, a dash of cartoon style artwork, a smidge of banging tunes and bake on a high heat for 30 minutes to produce OnRush. It’s as far from any other racer as can be, while still featuring stuff with tyres.

It’s not perfect, though. Respawning seems to take far too long for me. In such a high octane game, everyone will crash out at some point. You don’t lose interest in the race but the delay is frustrating when you just want to get back into the action.

There were a few instances where I had executed (what felt like) a perfect side swipe only for me to receive the damage and not my intended target. This could be me getting my angles wrong but it seemed to happen quite a few times. At first I thought I got unlucky but after a while it seemed to be a present problem – I even played it calmly to rule out gamer rage.

I’m not quite sure if there’s anything planned to keep OnRush feeling fresh, or will it just be a fad for a few months? I certainly hope new cars/tracks/modes are added over time. I’m sure the team is already on the case here, this title is just too good to let it fade into a memory.


In conclusion

I would not hesitate to buy OnRush if I didn’t already have it, there’s so much fun to be had here. Me and my 10 year old daughter took turns in playing the levels, maybe a split screen option would add a nice touch and make it a nice couch co-op. It’s a mad, fast, high octane, intense, brutal racer/smasher title that would be perfect for any game library. The feeling of wrecking others is immense and winning the round is even better, the only way to describe the feeling is to quote Dominic Toretto AKA Vin Diesel:

Ask Any Racer, Any Real Racer. It Doesn’t Matter If You Win By An Inch Or A Mile; Winning’s Winning.

As with many options in the game, my advice is to give OnRush a try. I absolutely loved each race and round, the fun level was way higher than the rage level. If you’re a fan of the racer genre then you will love it, as will fans of games that are just outright fun. If you need any more convincing to part with your cash, check out the trailer and I’ll catch you online for a race!

OnRush was released on the 5th of June 2018 and is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, please check your preferred supplier for prices.

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This ain't no shy little racer.
  • 9/10
    Overall - 9/10


Super Smash Brothers with cars. Crazy, satisfying and fast.

Put your pedal to the metal and show the road warrior how it’s done.

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