Old Borderlands Games Review-Bombed Over Epic Store Exclusivity

Old Borderlands Games Review-Bombed Over Epic Store Exclusivity

Borderlands 2 has around 700 negative reviews

Gearbox confirmed today that their loot-shooter will launch elusively on Epic Store. While the game will launch on other stores in April 2020, the news has predictably been poorly received.

The store pages for old Borderlands games have been flooded with hundreds of negative reviews. Most reviews have specifically named Epic, 2K or Tim Sweeney. While others contain creative, albeit crude, ASCII art gesturing the middle finger in Epics direction. 

Two months ago, old Metro games were similarly review-bombed. That protest followed A4 Games’ decision to pull Metro Exodus from the Steam store mere weeks before launch.

Epic launched their store with the progressive, and market-leading policy, of giving developers 88% of game sales. Considerably higher than the 70% they receive on Steam. Developers sell the vast majority of copies in the first few months, and so it makes sense that they would want to maximise their revenue while their games retain release value.

It’s understandable that gamers are frustrated by their libraries being split over multiple clients. However, the direction of the protest is somewhat questionable. If Steam matched the percentage offered by their competitor, perhaps Epic would encounter more resistance from developers in their pursuit of timed exclusives…

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Source: Reddit.com

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