June 30, 2022

Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast – Xbox One Review

Whilst browsing through the list of games one day (as we all do) I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for, I felt the need to play something that was light hearted and fun but nothing jumped out. Then I stumbled across Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast of all things, remembering how much fun I had playing the first I found myself hitting the purchase button and mentally preparing my inner meanie. How about we take a look in more detail as to what you’re getting, if you’re comfortable then lets begin.

The aim of the game is as straightforward as it sounds, insult your opponent until their pride meter reaches zero. The layout is basically the same again this time around, in between the two players are a list of words and phrases. You need to pick from these in order to make the greatest insult you can, you pick one and then the opponent picks one – this continues until you either have perfected your insult or you can’t make any sense and effectively forfeit your turn and score nothing. I did notice there’s a lot more choice this time around compared to the first, you can really go in hard with the insults with this extra vocabulary range that’s on offer – and lets be honest, there’s no holds barred when it comes to insults. There are mechanics in place to help you out if you get stuck mid roast: you can either use the ‘lets think’ option which allows you to keep your insult at the current state and get a whole new list to pick from or you can pick from two exclusive words or phrases that only you can access. One new feature I also spotted was the ‘comeback mechanic’. Here you can use a unique character quip to really add some spice and pizzazz to the end of an insult, because nothing burns deeper than a personal kick.

As for how to progress through the game, there’s a good range of modes available (well 3 to be precise) which are online, couch co-op and solo. Online is as clear as it can be, you versus a random player from across the globe, couch co-op is you versus your gaming buddy next to you and solo which is a career mode where you insult the CPU. The good thing with career mode is the further you progress, the more stuff you unlock via golden parrot awards. If you unlock everything then you can class yourself and the character as uber roasters, it’s a nice little touch which makes you want to try all the characters just to see what they can really do. While we are on the subject of characters, you’ll immediately recognise who they almost are, obviously they can’t be the real thing due to legal reasons but if I said the name Marilyn No-More was an option, you get the idea of who you are portraying fairly quickly.

There’s not really much more I can say about Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast now to be honest, it’s built up from the surprising success of the original game Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator and has some pretty cool new mechanics thrown in. It has been said that there will be future updates to the game which will include new characters and backdrops, the best thing about this is there’s no plans to charge for these so future content is on the house. While it’s never going to be the biggest game out there on the market, it is what it is – a perfect little title that proves to be dam good fun when you play it. It’s a cracking ‘pick up and play’ addition to my library which is light hearted and very tongue in cheek, the final thing I can say is check out the video below to see if it’s your cup of tea. It’s very Marmite so you will either love it or hate it, only you can decide what you think but my opinion is “I Love It” but not everyone will share my view.

Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast is available now for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, MAC, PC, Android and iOS. Please check your preferred supplier for price details.

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  • 5/10
    Overall - 5/10


This game does not take itself too seriously, it is what it is and doesn’t try to be anything else. If you enjoy light hearted slapstick humour then it’s perfect for you, the only trouble is it might be just a bit too ‘out there’ for some. On a personal view it would be a 7 from me but due to the love/hate aspect it’s down the middle with a 5.

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