May 23, 2022

Official Xbox Magazine Closes Down

As reported initially by Eurogamer, long-running Xbox magazine – Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) – has recently closed down. The news comes roughly a week after the magazine Tweeted about new subscriptions.

As reported by Eurogamer, the Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) has closed down.

The long-running magazine closed up shop last week allegedly, with its last few staff members released. OXM is one of six magazines to have recently closed down. Media company Future owns (or rather, owned) OXM.

Dubious as it may seem, OXM’s subscription page is still (currently) live. The OXM Twitter account also advertised the subscription service after the magazine had folded.

(Though, this may have been down to a pre-scheduled Tweet going out rather than anything else).

Future released a statement to comment on OXM’s closure:

“Like many organisations right now, we find ourselves being forced into making difficult decisions. We have a duty of care to all our staff during this time and our focus is on protecting the business for them and for our customers.

We have introduced a raft of measures to keep the numbers of lay-offs to an absolute minimum, including significant pay cuts for our Executive Team and Board. Whilst the decline in retail footfall impacts our magazine business, we are well placed with significant digital audiences and diversified revenues to continue delivering on our customers’ changing needs at this time”.

The Future Ends Now

OXM started up in November 2001 to coincide with the launch of the original Xbox console. Future paid a licence fee to Microsoft to secure OXM’s “official” status.

Future also owns OPM (Official PlayStation Magazine) and Edge, which are still running as of the time of press. However, these two magazines, as well as content form OXM, have been rolled into GamesRadar for a while. Maybe the writing (so to speak) is on the wall.

Of note is the fact that PC Gamer magazine still currently runs its own website.

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